Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Meeting Notes for EHYN: April 25th.

EHYN Meeting Notes
Thursday, April 25

1. Mission Statement Amendments

- a network: allow people to have support, feel like they’re “not the only voice”, working alone
- projects: raise awareness (through the 3 schools: Westdale, Westmount and Ancaster High)
- a directory/database (online; get someone with experience programming)
- present to high schools, recruit “reps”

What do we want?
- acquire leadership skills
- connections with community events and schools
- more opportunities to be a part of environmental initiatives outside of school
- unpaid interships (co-op)
- working groups (“if you’re interested in ________, come to _________”)
- education: people (youth) who want to do something, but don’t know how or where
- get out into nature! (lead hikes, etc.)

2. A Launch

- a competition (photography, visual arts, etc.) **competition = prizes = incentive
- exhibition to display work

- Ontario co-op
- “Sing for a Cause”
- engage elementary school students

Things to work towards
1. Finalize mission statement (work on that over the next month over email, blog, etc.)
2. Get started on creating this directory
3. Start seriously considering the launch

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