Friday, 29 March 2013

Our first Meeting: What we discussed

At our first networking meeting ever, we discussed our individual vision of an ideal city. Also, we talked about our goals for the network; what we hope that the network will offer; how we hope to support one another's projects, what resources we want to develop etc.
Thanks Ashley for pulling these notes together:

An Ideal City | EHYN

What is our ideal city?
•Ville-fleuré: a flowered city

•Gardens...gardens everywhere! Green everywhere! The picturesque of Nature.

•Exudes vibrancy; art (ex. Murals, graffiti, monuments, posters for local festivities, diversity in the streets)

•Co-ops: people, planet, profit; connected like a village

•Walkability- pedestrians are not confined to minuscule sidewalks

Youth Network
•Connect youth from around Hamilton
•resources and connections
•an official launch-start with a bang!

How will be implement action to make this ideal city a reality in Hamilton?

Potential Outlets
•Create a census of all interested organizations.
•Conceptualize ideas from different organizations
•Connect representatives from different environmental groups to meet with EHYN
•Apply for funds on behalf of these groups

Mission Statement:
Become the central hub for all environment  groups, with an emphasis on those with youth involvement, within the city of Hamilton.

Goals Set on Premiere:
•Recruit more members via posters, announcements and word of mouth

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