Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Revwear; March 2nd

What an amazing turn out at revwear March 2nd. I was deeply impressed by how the message of sustainability is conveyed in a beautiful and broadly appealing, FUN way. The buzz was palpable.
Here's how the organizers of the event describe it:
The Revolution Wear (i.e.: RevWear) Fashion Show, is an annual multidisciplinary event combining wearable (eco) art, performance and experimental modes of expression to interrogate and explore creative solutions to environmental sustainability and social justice issues. The Fashion Show inspires and challenges the audience to “Create Change and Reuse Everything.”
The theme of the 10th anniversary show was “The People” and the celebration action by real individuals, projects and movements happening now in our region.
The kind of world we have designed, danced, choreographed, performed, spoken, composed, silk screened, and strut about for 10 years is more then just a dream. It is being weaved and lived into reality right now by the people in your neighbourhood.
Ten years and going strong-they must be doing something right!

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